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Shan Shankaran


When I was 2 to 3 years old, I spent most of my days drawing and building with Lego toys at my grandfather's house, like a museum. My mother cared for her elderly father for about a year. I was confined to a 4' by 4' area - the start of my drawing career, plus I come from a long line of artists and creative people. Creativity is in my bloodlines.


I received a Bachelor of Science in Game Art & Design in 2006. I have created art for a board game, greeting cards, magazines, comic books, Webcomics, T-Shirts, hoodies, dresses, home decorating, and Fijian Girl artwork for a Discovery Activity Children's Book series. I have developed culturally diverse cartoon characters for home decorating of children, youth, and teens bedrooms and bathrooms and matching clothing, accessories, stationery, phone cases, and stickers.


I have been mentoring a young artist for many years. I share techniques, technical skills, and ideas - work shown on Shadows Of The Ecliptic ARTWORKS & MORE.



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PopSockets Cell Phone Stand and Grip, Clothing, Home & Living, Phone Cases, Wall Art, Accessories & more


World of Cartoon Character


Children's Book




Garden Walk Series

Shankaran Barron Collection


Breeze Garden Walk inspired by a Garden Walk in the Fiji Islands by Barron and Creative Designs by Shankaran, a San Diego Artist. Good for Home Decor, Clothing Apparel, Wall Art, Stationery, Accessories, Cases and Skins. Great for an Original an look.




Cute and Adorable


Decorate Your Children's Bedroom and Bathroom with Cartoon Characters. Great for Home Decor, Clothing Apparel, Wall Art, Stationery, Accessories, Cases and Skins. She's Cute & Adorable.